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Keeping The Music Alive (KTMA) strives to nurture music greatness in all people  by supporting musicians and artists at all levels through group mentoring. KTMA group mentoring is  jam sessions for musicians to play and learn from professionals and veteran musicians. After the sessions, students are encouraged to enroll into a music development program and are informed about KTMA’s professional development scholarship to assist with the cost of the training sessions.  We also partner with local nonprofits and schools to provide music appreciation presentations and to encourage the cultivation of and access to music instruments in schools.

KTMA’s initiatives include:

  • Professional development scholarships
  • Group mentoring am and  sound check sessions
  • Music education presentations at schools and summer camps


KTMA Group Mentoring Jam and Sound Check Sessions

In September,  we will host two sound check sessions in Washington D.C. and Atlanta with local students to explore the concert production process.  We are hosting these group mentoring opportunities with our partners One Music Fest, Gospel Heritage Month Celebration, Chante Moore, and the Ernest Walker Band

Charles Walker Professional Development Scholarships

Charles Walker 1

Keeping The Music Alive honors Mr. Charles Walker by providing the Charles Walker  Professional Development Scholarship to encourage other musicians to become excellent performers and community leaders. Mr. Walker has committed over 40 years to excellence in the arts and community outreach. When you talk about top gospel groups in the Houston area, one very important name resonates among many Quartet Groups…Charles Walker.  In the early 80’s, Charles Walker formed a group with his sons (Charles Jr., Chris, and  Ernest), called The Walker Brothers.  At an early age, they shared the stage with many gospel legends, including The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Shirley Caesar, The Gospel Keynotes, Willie Banks, and many more.  The Walker Brothers was the springboard that catapulted the men to collective and individual successes in the music industry.  Mr. Walker’s strong love for God was the driving force behind the group success and remains at the forefront of all their lives.

KTMA awards scholarships ranging from $200 to $1,000. Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in a music education program to cover instrument, tuition, travel and housing costs. The Board of Directors and the Charles Walker Professional Development Scholarship Committee determine applicant awards.

Eligibility Requirements

View and download the scholarship application here.

To be eligible for a KTMA’ Scholarship the following criteria must be met:

  • Submit a completed application
  • Be enrolled in a music education or training  program
  • Have interest in continuing professional development as a musician or artist


Application Procedures
  1. The student downloads application here.
  2. The student completes and returns their application to the KTMA staff via email or online at the KTMA website. The completed application must be returned with:
    • Resume
    • Financial Aid Award letter
    • Acceptance letter from music program
  3. The Professional Development Committee Chair  will present applications to the Board Directors for review.
  4. A letter will be mailed to students confirming or declining their awards.



KTMA considers financial need, academic performance, and the positive impact of the financial award to the student.

The Board of Directors Professional Development Scholarship Committee will determine the number of grants after evaluating the amount of scholarship funds available during the given year.

After receiving the award, students are expected to pass all courses with a C or better and complete their music program.  The living stipend is only awarded to students traveling outside of their city boundaries to  gain professional development. Students who fail course(s) or do not complete program will not be allowed to reapply for scholarship.

The Professional Development Scholarship Committee  will supervise scholarships by obtaining and submitting midterm progress reports, end of program final progress grade, and receiving completion certificates from Students after the music programs are completed. Students will provide final progress reports to The Professional Development Scholarship Committee for review. If the student is unable to submit these reports, the student will not be allowed to apply for any future scholarships.


Volunteer With Us!

KTMA is staffed completely by volunteers.  The volunteers provide the time and talent necessary to direct and support the organization, the organization’s programs, the organization’s goals, and the organization’s students.  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us!


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